Tyranny of Dragons

The Half-Dragon Champion

Governor Tarbaw Nighthill asks the party to help defend Greenest from the raider incursion. Balama of Greenest joins the group to open the old tunnel gate. The gate is sealed with rust and age and no amount of key-twisting works. With a loud crank, the party opens the gate only to be ambushed by raiders hiding in the bushes! Unprepared for the assault, the group nearly loses a member. A young man with a word of healing, tips the balance just enough. No one remembers his name.

It’s after midnight, the sally port has been overrun by raiders! After eliminating the enemy blood soaked mage and his escort, Ivor repairs the port gate with his bare hands.

A deserved rest allows Ivor and Edward to meet up with Forgemaster Andre Pepito in the workshop basement of the keep. Andre is repairing Nighthill’s mace and willing to dish out admonition on making one’s own magic gear.

After saving the flour mill from fire, and the militia support from the sight of Crispin’s exposed lower half, the part races past the Dragon’s onslaught of the Keep to save the townsfolk holed up at the Temple of Chauntea on the hill. With a battering ram and patrol group too large to take on at once, some smoke-clouded Raiders are the first victims of the rescue effort. Crispin opens a door remotely, revealing none other than a large gathering of townsfolk. A half-elf priest of Chauntea, Eadyan Falconmoon, helps the party evacuate the Temple and slip through the darkness into the old tunnel, raiders in hot pursuit.

After barricading the cellar door to the old tunnel with barrels, a horn from outside rings out. The raiders pursuing them seem to recede and silence settles on the town. An eight-foot tall Blue Half-Dragon Champion walks up to the keep, flanked by twenty kobolds and 7 prisoners. The hulking mass tears a prisoner in three and attaches the poor man’s head to a hook draped over its armor. The head joins three others already attached. The creature drinks the entrails from the pelvis, and dropping it to its feet, it calls forth a challenge. Single combat between it and Greenest’s greatest warrior. The remaining prisoners go free upon acceptance.

Balama nobly accepts the challenge and squares off with the enormous blue half-dragon, the kobolds, her new comrades, and the rest of Greenest looking on. Valiant is her effort, as is evident by the piece of scaled blue tail laying on the ground. This changes the the creature’s attitude from toying to finishing the battle quickly. Balama is felled by a surge of great spear attacks. She is missing a piece of the skin of her forehead as a trophy. The half-dragon walks off, with wagons of loot, grim mementos and the raiders in a westerly direction out of town.

Greenest can rest.

Chapter 1
Seek the Keep

Chris Prat is dead! A dragon is attacking the keep! Raiders are… raiding Greenest! Adalynn Pratt Fleur d’Lee of Greenest leaves her shattered home to help her fellow townsfolk to safety. Joined by three others, Edward Ulric, Ivor of Elturel, and Crispin the Gold Prospector, the group saves Linen Swift and her family from certain death at the hands of kobold raiders.

After putting down more small bands of raiders accompanied by flying kobolds and dog-like dragon creatures, the group has made it to the doors of the keep with a few more townsfolk in tow…


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